Rückenfiguren and  othernesses (2017-)

Sometimes I sense that the artifact will stand in my place or assume a will and an agency of its' own, at which point I feel that the work is resolved.

Corpus series (2018- )

Corpus is latin for body and a term for the mid panel of an altar piece. These works all share the same basic composition. They are all made swiftly, predominantly in alla prima or wet on wet oil painting technique. They came about while I was still nursing my daughter and in retrospect I can see I have been unpicking the experience of literally nourishing another and in some sense losing oneself. They are about the female body. And of course- they are to do with colour, fun and painting.

Reflections and reverberations (2017-)

Loops of visual information, investigations into the movement of the eye, explorations of the illusionary potential of painting.