Ongoing / long term projects and series

À la folie (2022-)

An ongoing dialogue with the work of outsider artist Aloïse Corbaz (Switzerland 1886-1964). The largest collection of her work is held by the Collection l'Art Brut in Lausanne. My first visit to the archive was in autumn 2022 where I had the privilege of seeing the work in person and interviewing experts. The work is now continuing in my studio, writing and making work in response to her practice and  art work.

The project is still in progress but will result in both material and written content.

Image: One can't just give up, right? mixed media, 2023

Rückenfigur Series (2020-)

In the ongoing Rückenfigur series I employ a painterly device popular in the Romantic era that has typically been deployed as a site of identification for the viewe-  to allow them inside the landscape or scene. In my application the inherent contradiction and impossibility of this is laid bare. Painted on glass, the figure is only ever viewable from the back, and the viewer is blatantly refused access to the inner workings and perceived perspective of the figure. 

I benefit hugely from the rich history of art, and I often refer to pictorial archetypes from different eras. The girl figure in the Rückenfigur work ‘Aim’ (2020) also draws from the historical ‘putti’ figures - the angelic and naughty boys that can be seen peeing in fountains, fondling women or generally partying  in monuments, ornaments and paintings all over the world. This piece was included in the survey exhibition of Swedish contemporary painting, Nu!/Now! at Museum Anna Nordlander in 2020.

Corpus Series (2018-)

A studio habit - the ongoing ‘Corpus’ series. I make these when I need to keep my hands busy and my eyes sharp. The series took off while I was breast feeding my youngest child. The series amounts to over 50 paintings and drawings, many of them have found homes in public and private collections. 

Corpus is latin for body and a term for the mid panel of an altar piece. The works all share the same basic composition. They are all made swiftly, predominantly in alla prima or 'wet on wet' oil painting technique. I usually make them at the end of the day in one sitting within the time I have to spare before dinner and family life. 

Some works are available as prints, please e-mail me for details and availability.