Work in Kiruna

Work in Kiruna

Just crossed the arctic circle to install work at Kiruna Konstgille together with Lotta Lampa. 

The duo exhibition REVIR (territory) also brings in two additional collaborations- it includes music by Sakarias Wangefjord and fragrance by Carlos-Ivan Jacobo, both specially composed for the exhibition.

The fragrance is designed to attract but with an edge that might repel. Samples can be bought in the exhibition space.  The music adds to the visual tempo of the exhibition with sounds relating to the themes explored. A sample can be found at:

 I had a lot of fun working with Lampa, it was interesting relating to her practice in bringing this together and creating a multi sensory experience for Kiruna. The trip also gave me the chance to visit Lotta's amazing metal working studio in Kalix and meet lots of lovely people. The exhibition is up at Kiruna Konstgille until the 27th of April 2022. Some of my work in the show will be on display again as part of Triennalen in Kramfors Konsthall this summer.