Research trip to Lausanne

Research trip to Lausanne

This week I am visiting the Collection l'Art Brut, a collection started by Dubuffet (who coined the term art brut) now belonging to the city of Lausanne. The museum is continuing his work, acquiring outsider art not only from Switzerland but from around the world.

There is a wealth of inspiration at the museum,  but the purpose of my visit is to look at one artist in particular: Aloïse Corbaz. She worked from an insane asylum in Lausanne until her death in the early 1960s - and was regarded by Dubuffet as the best in his collection. I have had Aloïse on my mind for many years so to finally see the work in person and speak to experts is a real treat. I am in awe of her colour compositions and also fascinated by the theatrical universe she made for herself. 

It was finally time to visit the archive yesterday. I was asked to help unroll one of the larger pieces and all I could remember was that one time I worked in a gallery when I was very young and accidentally stepped on an artwork during hanging! Luckily no such incidents. And the work was even more spectacular in life, so no accidents and no disappointments. A couple of days still here, seeing the collection curator  tomorrow and I look forward to getting her angle.

Thanks to Region Västernorrland for their support in funding this trip.

Aloïse Corbaz 1886-1964