NOW! / NU!  at Museum Anna Nordlander

NOW! / NU! at Museum Anna Nordlander

Delighted to take part in a group exhibition this summer at Museum Anna Nordlander in Skellefteå, that is set to happen despite the pandemic. No opening party this time but I hope a good number of visitors will be able to make it as it will be up from mid May to mid September.  I'm showing new painting on glass. Excited to see to how the work will play in the room alongside some excellent painting by contemporary painter colleagues. 

MAN writes:

"NOW is this summers’ exhibition at Museum Anna Nordlander – NOW is a group exhibition where 8 contemporary artists show us the diversity of painterly expressions today. NOW is an exhibition where the practice of painting is the common denominator, but it reflects outwards from that point, takes different shapes or forms, puts us face to face with the unknown trying to let itself be known. We invite you to enter this space filled with rooms, where we can meet with the work and find new places to dwell.

During spring our newly released book ”Skrif om vad du målar” (Write of what you’re painting) has told us the story of Anna’s letters to her best friend and colleague Kerstin Cardon, how painstakingly timeless it is to long for painting, both executing and experiencing it. In NOW Museum Anna Nordlander continues the dialogue of the importance of painting, both for the sake of expression and creation of place, a room of one’s own, for body to meet thought. NOW is a group exhibition with works by eight painting women. With different style and intention they explore inner and outer worlds, in different ways the audience is faced with the narratives and possibilities painting presents.


Ida Persson, based in Malmö, work with acrylic on her large format paintings, which can be seen both as abstract and concrete. Dealing both with positive and the negative aspects of power relations, the paintings shine light on the architecture of power, or the power of architecture.

Ella Tillema, based in Malmö, paints figuratively with acrylic, series of paintings commenting and relating to the political landscape of our times. She also works with text and music.

Jennifer Myerscough, based in Malmö, paints abstract, large format oilpainting, however the work shown at MAN is made in mixed material. The books are an ongoing project parallel to her work in the studio.

Siri Elfhag, based in Stockholm, paints diffuse scenes in oil or charcoal. In her work we meet a dreamy, and often very active world, Elfhag paints to make sense of her surrounding environment, her world and is inspired by the classic dramas. In her images time is dissolved and everything happens at the same time.

Olivia Pettersson Fleur, based in Stockholm, moves in the world of painting, and uses acrylic and collage technique to create her large scale work inspired by radiation, sound waves and energies we cannot see or experience with our senses. She visualises the chaos and mass we are all surrounded by without knowing it.

Sara Forsström, based in Skellefteå, paints, but she also uses other material and techniques to visualise and fashion inner and outer landscape. Glitter has been an inspiration and a starting point in many of Forsströms works. The physical and psychological landscape of Västerbotten is her main focus.

Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, based in Umeå, works with traditional figurative oil painting. Her art practice is rooted in observational painting. Painting including its’ illusionary potential, its history and physical qualities are central, whether she is working on flat surfaces or in more sculptural work.

Judit Kristensen, based in Umeå, uses her drawing skills to paint paintings about boredom, lethargy and isolation. The bright and light expression stands in dire contrast to the conditions she wants to relate. The works in this exhibition tells of the memory of a child’s self-evident identity, and of a relationship to Norrland marked by both shame and pride."