Lyrical Abstraction workshop

Lyrical Abstraction workshop

Spent some intense days in Skellefteå last week running a paint workshop for artist workshop KKV Skogen. Local artists and students from Edelviks Konstlinje and Solviks konstlinje participated. 

As usual I focused on process instead of result and different limitations were imposed to get the participants to work in new ways. Elements of abstraction were introduced through the work of some groundbreaking American artists: Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner, Judith Godwin, Agnes Martin and Jay DeFeo. We also looked at how some more contemporary artists such as Marcia Hafif and Cecily Brown have worked with gesture and colour. 

With inspiration from these artists we then explored some of the ingredients in non-objective painting: gesture, rhythm, colour and texture.  

Thanks for the invite KKVSkogen! I love running workshops like this, so do get in touch if you want me to come and do one with you.

Process pictures from the workshop below, and an article from Norran who came by during the workshop.