Community art/ Public play sculptures at Kvarnlunden

Community art/ Public play sculptures at Kvarnlunden

Yesterday a group of play sculptures were inaugurated at Kvarnlunden, a new public park and leisure are next to the river in Umeå. In attendance 62 first graders whose ideas formed the inspiration for the sculptures and the overall design of the park. 


I based the sculptures- slippery mushrooms, a 'climb beast' and a dance sculpture- on interviews, drawings and clay sculptures produced during workshops held with 5- and 6 -year olds last year at Böleängsskolan and Hedlunda Förskola.  Insights from these workshops were the foundation not just for the sculptures but the overall planning of the new park. Keywords included Multi function, Discovery, Challenge and Imaginative play. Next to the sculptures there are lots of additional places to play, climb, jump and crawl- a planted labyrinth, a tunnel, logs to balance on and ropes to swing from. 



Client: Umeå Kommun Gator & ParkerLandscape Architect and Project Manager Axel Thorén Lindgren
Workshops conducted in collaboration with Anna Parry/ and the staff and students at Böleängsskolan and Hedlunda Förskola
Manufacturing in fibre glass: Alnö Design & Produktion

Thanks to Robert Forsgren / Hot Paint Art for help with paint jobs