I'm an artist based in Umeå, Northern Sweden.
Observational painting- including its' illusionary potential, its history and its physical qualities- are central to my practice even when I work in other media. 


I use pictorial archetypes to create multilayered staged scenarios that deal with philosophical and existential topics. The historical weight of the painting tradition is made lighter with jokes and visual puzzles that tempt the viewer to have another look. The paintings spread across glass, mirror and 3-dimensional objects. The female body is often a starting point- it’s image and the associated attributes of femininity. I project and question acts of representation and perception, and the power-relations these acts give rise to.

Please get in touch for a studio visit or to enquire about current projects, availability of work, private or public commissions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Portrait photo: Monika Kichau


Konstnär baserad i Umeå. Tar emot och utför kommissioner, publika gestaltnings- och utsmyckningsuppdrag. Hör gärna av dig för ett besök i ateljén!

Porträtt foto: Monika Kichau