I am a curious and restless person who has lived in different countries,  worked in the wider creative field, ran my own business and had some stints in academia since I graduated my MFA from Glasgow School of Art. I 'm now based in my birth town Umeå in the north of Sweden and back to painting as my main preoccupation.  Along with my studio practice, I am sometimes persuaded to take on creative strategy work, design projects and guest lecturing. I also do the odd portrait commission, which I enjoy.

There are so many aspects to painting that gets me:  its' illusionary potential, its rich history, its physical qualities and what seems endless possibilities. It is impossible to fully master all aspects of painting in a lifetime - and trying never leaves me bored. My paintings spread across glass, mirror and 3-dimensional objects . I deal with a wide range of subject matter from exploring pure visual rhythm to looking at perception, representation, otherness, solitude and agency.  In the past I've based a lot of work around the female body- it’s image and the associated attributes of femininity. Recently I've taken an interest in masculinity, with male beauty deconstructed and translated through the female gaze.

Current/upcoming exhibitions:

25.6- 7.7 'Eye candy´, Solo exhibition, Sjungaregården Granö

20.8-17.9 Solo exhibition, Galleri OSs, Umeå

Please get in touch for a studio visit or to enquire about current projects, availability of work, private or public commissions. I look forward to hearing from you!


Konstnär baserad i Umeå. Tar emot och utför kommissioner, publika gestaltnings- och utsmyckningsuppdrag. Lång erfarenhet av kreativ ledning, varumärkesutveckling och formgivning. Just nu fokuserar jag på min konstnärliga praktik men inte omöjlig om projektet är intressant.  Hör gärna av dig för ett besök i ateljén!