Artist based in Umeå in northern Sweden.

My practice is mainly devoted to painting. Ingredients include existential anxiety and awe, private and public politics,  philosophy, art history and science. However, the physicality and bodily experience of the work is what is essential: the presence the work claims in the space and how it might seem to act in relation to the (body of) the viewer. 

I play around with the way the eye moves- around a piece or a collection of pieces- in order to construct what I think of as a painted eyeball-pinball machine. At best the work can instill a sense of vertigo- a throwing off of balance through the layering of paint, through colour, shape, through format and through careful composition. It draws in the viewer and spits them out, it tickles the mirror neurons and attempts to have its' own agency.  It's a visual, visceral game situated in a physical encounter: one that doesn't translate to the screen.

Please get in touch for a studio visit or to enquire about exhibitions, private or public commissions.


Konstnär baserad i Umeå, främst fokuserad på måleri. Tar emot och utför kommissioner, publika gestaltnings- och utsmyckningsuppdrag. Hör gärna av dig för ett besök i ateljén!