Artist based in Umeå, Northern Sweden.

The physicality and the bodily experience of my work is what is important: the presence the work claims in the  physical space and how it might act in relation to the (body of) the viewer. 

At best the work can instill a sense of vertigo- a throwing off of balance through movement, the layering of paint, colour, shape, format and composition.
I design the visual path around a piece or a collection of pieces- where the gaze rests and where it is hurried along. Paintings and other objects become devices to draw in and spit out,  tickle the mirror neurons and play with the perception of the recipient. The resulting objects can at times seem to assume their own force and agency.  It's a visual, visceral game situated in a physical encounter: one that doesn't translate to the screen.

I believe the careful observation of our world, the examining of perception, games of illusion and revelation and the furthering of aesthetic devices are meaningful in an age of fake news and overwhelming distraction. I try to open up the sometimes contemplative and solitary process of painting by adding jokes, optical illusions or other tricks that can entertain or fascinate.

Please get in touch for a studio visit or to enquire about exhibitions, private or public commissions.


Konstnär baserad i Umeå, främst fokuserad på måleri. Tar emot och utför kommissioner, publika gestaltnings- och utsmyckningsuppdrag. Hör gärna av dig för ett besök i ateljén!