Artist based in Umeå, Northern Sweden. 

Careful observation, the examining of our perception, games of illusion and clarification, mapping of inner worlds, and the furthering of aesthetics through art seem ever more meaningful in an age of fake news and overwhelming distraction. I try to open up the at times contemplative and solitary process of painting by adding jokes, optical illusions or other tricks that can entertain or fascinate as part of a genuine attempt to welcome others in. I really do believe that art and painting can continue to hold power and relevance (not only for artists and art professionals).

The physicality and the individual bodily experience of painting /making is a break from the pervasiveness of the digital, social and intellectual. It's a visual, visceral game situated in a physical encounter: one that doesn't translate to the screen.  

I plan out the visual path around a piece or a collection of pieces- where the gaze should rest and where it is hurried along. Paintings and other objects become devices to draw in and spit out,  tickle the mirror neurons and play with reality. The resulting work can seem to assume their own force and agency.  At best my work can instill a sense of vertigo- a throwing off of balance. for a second or two.

Please get in touch for a studio visit or to enquire about exhibitions, private or public commissions.


Konstnär baserad i Umeå. Tar emot och utför kommissioner, publika gestaltnings- och utsmyckningsuppdrag. Hör gärna av dig för ett besök i ateljén!